Some custom car historians believe – probably correctly – that the '49-'51 Ford is the best car for customizing ever built. From its relatively unadorned flat sides to a remarkably graceful roof, skilled metalmen could build beautiful cars. The more radical work almost always included sectioning the body to remove some of the sheer height of the body. 

Interestingly, the Trustees for the GSL International Scale Vehicle Championship and Convention have selected the vintage AMT 1950 Ford convertible kit for that event's famed Group 9 Class for the twenty-second iteration of that international event. 

Check out these pics and see how some of the cars have been painted differently over the years.

Sectioned I
This deeply sectioned Ford has been through several paint jobs. The late Forties Buick taillights, set horizontally, with mid-Fifties Chevy headlights, a Corvette grille and horizontal chrome nerf bars doubling as bumpers, is one of the most lovely of these heavily-sectioned shoebox Fords. This car was first built in the late Sixties, and updated recently in this shimmering black paint job.  Check out the incredibly well styled interior! View

Sectioned II
This also one of the more elegant sectioned shoe box Ford ever built, also painted black. This car retains the factory windsplit taillight, stock roof, bezel trimmed headlights and low stance. View

Sectioned III
This '49 was built in the late Sixties. Using what appears to be '56 Olds headlight buckets, a chromed lined grille and a horizontal rear bumper, this car was one of the better "first generation" sectioned Ford. View

This assembly of traditionally styled customs – not always heavily customized – gives an idea of the many of the traditional custom techniques used on shoebox Fords. View

Convertible shoebox Fords also been customized, but not as frequently as the coupes. View

Foose's pie-sectioned '51 Ford Sedan is a terrific example of modern restyling applied to a shoebox Ford. View

Even more rarely, '51 Victorias are customized, but usually only modestly. View

Ron Dunn's '50
Probably the most famous of the restyled shoebox Ford was the Ron Dunn '50 coupe, christened the Monte Carlo by Rod & Custom in the Fifties. Presented in two versions, this beautiful car was designed and built by the famed Valley Custom shop. The car was found in 2005, and now being restored at Steve's Restorations – his crew first reassembled the car to make sure all the stuff was there. In that patina-stage, the car has been presented at car shows. View



'49-'51 Fords