One outgrowth of the spectacular support of Spencer Murray and Kurt McCormick is the recently published book The Saga of Spencer Murray's Dream Truck , By Mark S. Gustavson and Bill Aitchison, published by Championship Publishing, LLC, the same company that published THE GSL INTERNATIONAL MODEL CAR CHAMPIONSHIP, A Tradition of Auto Modeling Excellence. ( GSL Championship )

The Saga of Spencer Murray's Dream Truck presents, for the first time, the complete and genuine history of probably the most famous and fabled custom vehicle of all time. Benefitting from photographs never seen before as well as recollections of the original creation and restoration of the Dream Truck, the book preserves for the future all that can be known about the Truck. With the full cooperation of the Dream Truck's original owner Spence Murray, discoverer and restorer Bruce Glascock and its current owner/restorer Kurt McCormick, a thorough and accurate historical record of photos, interviews and documentation of the Truck's history and construction has been assembled. In a lively and analytic text, each reader is treated to the comprehensive story of the Truck's creation, neardestruction, and resurrection. The book is based upon nearly five years of research, dozens of letters between author Gustavson and Spencer Murray, Kurt McCormick and Bruce Glascock, as well as a careful examination of over one hundred articles published on the Dream Truck all carefully checked by custom car historian Bill Aitchison. The book includes a Prologue by Spence Murray and a Foreward by Kurt McCormick. The hardcover book – hand assembled and inspected – features over 217 black and white photos, 24 color plates, 18 appendices (which include dozens of photographs) as well as a lengthy text which not only explains the history of the Truck, but also comments upon it. Championship Publishing, LLC, offers The Saga of Spencer Murray's Dream Truck, By Mark S. Gustavson and Bill Aitchison, for $49.95 postpaid for US customers (extra shipping charges applies for out-of-country purchaser). Go here to order the book.

Check out some of the accompanying photographs of the history of the Dream Truck. Please note that all photos are credited to Spencer Murray, and are on loan from the photo libraries of Spencer, Kurt McCormick, Mike Lamm, and Mark S. Gustavson.

After most of the major customizing work had been completed (except for the Bob Metz-installed fins), several coats of grey primer, accented by white lacquer scallops, set off the design. Here, the Truck was displayed at one of several shows. 

Early-no fins
lavender at show

In its first gloss paint job (a delicate metallic/pearl lavender with burgundy scallops), the Truck was spectacular.

After the Truck was displayed for awhile, it was sent to Bob Metz who decided to add the spectacular fins. Note the superb craftsmanship.

B/W adding fins

Bob Metz applied a beautiful white paint job while preserving the scallops on the front end.

After the Truck returned from a triumphant Hawaiian tour, the Truck went to Barris Kustoms for some minor body work and this controversial lime gold paint scheme.