Darryl Starbird's Predicta
Bubble Topped Dream

One of the most epochal of all privately constructed bubble top cars is Darryl Starbird's legendary Predicta. Built in early 1960 from a wrecked 1956 Thunderbird, this car stunned the custom car world and redefined what a well thought-out customized vehicle could be. Modified several times to keep current with the custom car world, and to reflect Starbird's developing styling vision, it was also offered in kit form by Monogram Models in 1964 and was re-issued several times after that.

Mark S. Gustavson's nearly lifelong interest in this car has lead him to organize The Predicta Project. Comprised of many elements including a full length book to be published by Championship Publishing LLC, The Predicta Project will involve several people to complete. For more information on the Predicta, The Predicta Project, and the Monogram kit history, please visit the Predicta-Project web page! (www.ThePredictaProject.org)